Parachute maintenance order

Fill next order form, when you deliver parahutes to maintenance.
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Parachute identification information:
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Container and reserve parachute maintenance inspection (75 €)
Main parachute maintenance inspection (55 €)
Reserve parachute packing (75 €)
Main parachute packing (5 €)
Cypresin ADD maintenance inspection (195 € + possible postage cost)
Other maintenance:
Can repair big (over 60€) and small damage without notice
Ask permission to big damage repair
Ask permission to big and small damage repair
Stop maintenance, if find over 20 € repair
Delivery for service:
Delivery time: (pp.kk.vvvv) (Posti, S-market Muhos) (Muhos Mh-Asiamies)
Oulu Skydive Center club house (Pickup approx. every 2 weeks)
I deliver to Muhos
Deliver address:
Tillman Oy
Honkalantie 2
91500 MUHOS
Phone: 045 277 5281
Return time request: (pp.kk.vvvv)
Oulu Skydive Center club house (return approw. every 2 weeks)
I pickup from Muhos
Return address (if not billing address)
We don't insutance your parachute. The transport risk is your responsibility.
Remember deliver parachute log record book.
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